Hello reader. I'm Karolien Emmers. Lover of non-fiction books, a generous listener in life. I combine listening with creating and love to make beautiful things. My background is in product design, where it's all about keeping an open mind & inventing.  Currently I combine freelance work with creating books. Based in Bruges, I work on commissioned books for well known companies as well as self-initiated projects. 

My first B2C book 'Your Energy Journal' under the brand ADEM was launched in September 2018. It's a daily ritual to become more aware of what gives you energy versus what drains you. It originated out of my own experiences suffering from a burn-out and my HSP nature.

Previously I originated Hellomydear : a platform for life stories, created in 2012. The University of Twente used it to do research in the field of 'life stories & dementia' until 2017.  Sold the concept to the University of Twente.

My personality type: INFJ

More info? Email me. Karolien@studiokemmers.com

Photo by Evenbeeld