(This is a page to update people on current interests and projects, as I don't use social media. Update: 18/11/2018.  Inspired by this page)

  • Promoting our book 'YOUR ENERGY JOURNAL' . It is out and available in stores (Belgium & The Netherlands) and online. Shop here

  • Results of the Antwerp Book Fair: landed Nr 20 out of the 2200 books Lannoo brought with them. (that took our breath away, usually only celebs /international titels do that)

  • For the Fair we created an interactive workshop around the book. You can receive more info by sending me an email.

  • Working around a business book for Puratos Group (7600 employees, 2.2 billion annual turnover) and a business book for Van Marcke. Very inspiring.

  • Freelancing for INNI group. Just launched a new branding and website.

  • Renovating the house in Bruges. Swimming with Otis. Reading: ‘Sleep’ by Matthew Walker.

  • Mindset: breathe & smile