Van Roey

Van Roey




Celebrating 275 years of Groep Van Roey was an outstanding time for the company to reflect upon the rich heritage, the present and the future. A moment to look in the mirror and to ask critical questions like: ‘Who are we today? , ‘What do we stand for?’, ‘Are we socially relevant?’, ‘Are we innovative?’ – Geert Verachtert, Marketing Director

Can this be translated in a book?



  • Research & Storyline: Karolien Emmers
  • Interviews & copy: Karolien Emmers & Sarah Callens
  • Design: Karolien Emmers & Elke Mestdagh
  • Print: Innigroup
  • 2500 books were spread across their larger network


‘The curiosity and accessibility of Karolien and Sarah bring out the best in people. With their no-nonsense mentality and pragmatism they guarantee an efficient and nice cooperation. The result is a brilliant business story of 275 years building with and for people. Translated into a wonderful book and a timeline on our website! – Geert Verachtert, Marketing Director.


‘Thanks for this very fine collaboration with a great book as a result!’ – Eddy Cox, CEO


Heb jij ook interesse in een boek op maar van jouw bedrijf?