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An unusual teacher in high school once said to me: ‘life consists of trivia’. That was 20 years ago and I finally understand what he meant by that. 

I love the randomness by which we are surprised in our lives.  Sometimes we learn something useful but more often it’s something trivial. Useful or trivial, they are both interesting to me and so I’m happy to share what I learn from these books.
Click on the books for more information and access to the summaries. 
The summaries are my insights from the books but never replace the experience of reading the book itself.  No two people read the same book…
So I suggest you extract your own summary from it and let me know what you got out of it! 

I’m currently digitising the books I read and will fill up this gallery by time. 



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Interested in Bits of Wisdom from non-fiction books? I send an update every month on the books that I read.



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let's talk!