Van Marcke

Previous Next VAN MARCKE    ‘When I look back at the history of our family business, I always tend to say: it’s not the Van Marcke’s who did it, but the people who have worked for our company throughout the years. What is remarkable about the story of our company is that it is one … Read more Van Marcke

Del Rey

Previous Next DEL REY ‘After more than 65 years, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the adventure of DelReY.  An adventure of love and passion for craftsmanship, of love for chocolate, of great dedication and perseverance and where quality is the common thread running through it.  We don’t want to … Read more Del Rey

Niko Group

Previous Next NIKO GROUP Niko Group reflects each year on how they grow, why they do what they do and who is involved. This leads to stories that go beyond the original business of switches and sockets.   Approach Concept: Studio Kemmers Interviews & copy: Studio kemmers (feat. Sarah Callens) Design: kern02 Print: L.capitan   … Read more Niko Group