This is a journal created by Leen Adams and myself under the brand ADEM. The word ADEM is shaped with the first 2 capitals out of our last names and it means ‘to breathe’. For us this is a symbol of the essence and we aim to create products that involve the essence of things – yet staying playful.

This journal is a tool that helps people gain insight in what drains them and what gives them energy. Designed in a fun way. In a world filled with burnouts, this is our contribution to make the world a bit better based on our own experiences and a lot of help from coaches.

We joined the book fair in Antwerp (November) and landed on place 20 out of the 2200 books that Lannoo brought with them. That took our breath away, but it also shows how much people are looking for tools around this subject.

Also, we gave two interactive workshops on the fair. So if you as a reader are interested in this, please contact me.

The book is available in all the bookstores in Belgium & The Netherlands, and online.

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