The Art of Asking

The Art of Asking

Title: The Art Of Asking

Author: Amanda Palmer

Time read: 12h

Score: 8/10



He who asks, gets.
We often have trouble asking for help.  We don’t even realize that we are asking for too little help and that there is more than enough help available when we need it.  According to the author, daring to ask for help is tantamount to learning to trust other people and that is exactly what we have trouble with. Dare to trust others.  The way you ask for help also says something about yourself. 
Do you often ask for help?  When and when not?  How do you ask for help? 

I felt a bit uncomfortable reading this, so I quess I’m not yet great in asking for help.


Bits of Wisdom:

  • Asking is a fundamental building block of a relationship, any kind of relationship.
  • Will you help me?  = Can I trust you?
  • Asking is a collaboration. Begging is a one-way street.
  • There is no need to be ashamed and apologize (when asking for help), it is counterproductive.
  • Shame pollutes the process of ‘asking and giving’ that thrives in openness.
  • Maybe we should learn to receive rather than ask.
  • We often resist ‘asking for help’ because we think or believe that we ourselves do not deserve what we ask for.
  • We all want to feel understood, accepted, and connected.  All of us want to be believed. Artists are just a little louder about it.
  • Be thankful for those who do take the time to slow down and ‘see you’.
  • A good artist makes other people feel something deep or unexpected.
  • I am not interested in DIY, but I am interested in UWIC: use what I can. That means: let others help you.
  • If you try to impress, you don’t succeed in making a real connection.
  • Know Yourself
    Know what you stand for
    Ask without shame
    For what you believe in
    Go on with what you were doing.

More Bits of Wisdom?