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Van Marcke



‘When I look back at the history of our family business, I always tend to say: it’s not the Van Marcke’s who did it, but the people who have worked for our company throughout the years. What is remarkable about the story of our company is that it is one of constant change. The truth is that the processes of change have never been faster than they have been in recent years. Economically, ecologically, technologically, in terms of distribution or production, as well as geostrategically (think of the brexit, the Trump phenomenon or the situation in the Middle East), the world is in a state of flux.

Van Marcke celebrates 90 years in 2019 and looks ahead!’
– Mrs Caroline Van Marcke


Status: ready mid 2019

Book Architect: Karolien Emmers
Research & Storyline: Karolien Emmers & Van Marcke
Interviews & copy: Karel Cambien &  Marc Le Rouge
Design: Zware Jongens
Print: tbd


3000 books in 3 languages will be spread across a larger network  


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