About this book?

Celebrating 60 years of Vermeiren was an excellent time for the company to reflect upon their adventure. Their heritage, present and the future. A moment to look in the mirror and to ask critical questions like: ‘Why did we start making wheelchairs ?, ‘What is our story ?’,  ‘How did we grow that fast ?’ but also as a tribute to one of the founding fathers Leo Vermeiren!  – Patrick Vermeiren, CEO Vermeiren Group



  • Book Architect: Studio Kemmers
  • Research & Storyline: Studio Kemmers
  • Interviews & copy: Studio Kemmers (feat Sarah Callens)
  • Design: Ania Swiatlowska
  • Print: Antilope – DeBie
  • 3000 books were spread across their larger network both in Dutch & English


‘Karolien and Sarah did an excellent job. This book was really an eye-catcher at our 60th anniversary event this month’ Patrick Vermeiren, CEO


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