Today I'm busy with:

A page to update people on current activities.
Update: 14/01/2020.  Inspired by
this page


  • With Studio Kemmers we are giving the final touches on the book  ‘Puratos 100 years of Magic’. This book will go in print in 4 languages in April.
  • I’m co-creating new materials (book and workshop) with Leen Adams under the brand Adem in business. Website coming up. 
  • Renovating a house to welcome friends in the future. All renovations go slower than you think… Testing my patience once again.

      Driven by personal development, entrepreneurship, design and humor.


      I love books, long walks and  listening to people, but only when meeting them face-to-face. A fear of calling keeps me away from the phone, hurray.


      Based in Bruges, and Antwerp
      I work on commissioned books for well-known companies as well as on self-initiated projects.


      My background in product design allows me to combine design with decisiveness and to guide these complex projects.