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A page to update people on current activities.
Update: 01/10/2019.  Inspired by
this page


  • With the studio we are giving the final touches on ‘Puratos 100 years of magic’. This book will go in print in 7 languages in april 2020. This means there is room again for new clients in 2020.


  • I’m co-creating a workshop with Leen Adams for Etion around our first book ‘Your Energy Journal’ while at the same time working on new material together.


  • Creating an B&B in Bruges to welcome friends (open autumn 2020).

      Driven by personal development, entrepreneurship and design. My background in product design allows me to combine imagination with decisiveness and to guide projects from A to Z.
      Based in Bruges, I work on commissioned books for well-known companies as well as on self-initiated projects.