This book is about a family-owned company with a global ring: Puratos. Over the past century it has become a household name for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate business worldwide, serving both artisan bakers, chocolatiers and industry as well as retail and food services. Puratos is active in more than 100 countries, with 88 subsidiaries employing more than 8800 people all over our planet.

Puratos celebrates 100 years in 2019.


Status: ready early 2020


  • Book Architect: Karolien Emmers
  • Research & Storyline: Karolien Emmers & Puratos
  • Interviews & copy: Karolien Emmers & PenFor Hire
  • Design: Zware Jongens
  • Print: tbd
  • 9000 books in 7 languages will be spread across a larger network

‘Karolien, the style and content are again excellent. I sometimes wonder how you do it to understand and articulate all this so well…’
– Eddy Van Belle, Chairman of the Board of Puratos Group

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