Your Energy Journal

This book was made by Leen Adams and myself under the brand ADEM.

The word ADEM is formed with the first 2 capital letters of our surnames.
It is the Dutch word for ‘Breathe’.  For us this is a symbol of the essence and we strive to create products that touch the essence of things – yet remain playful.
This Journal is the first product under this flag.  It helps people become aware of what gives them energy.  In a world filled with burn-outs, we want to do our share by offering this light yet practical tool. The book is available in all bookshops in Belgium & the Netherlands, and online. Soon also available in Russia.


Published by Lannoo.


For sale:

So far only available in Dutch and Russian 🙂 is the brand of Karolien Emmers & Leen Adams and stands for the ‘IKEA of self-development’.
The Journal is the first publication under the brand.