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A page to update people on current activities.
Update: 18/03/2020.  Inspired by
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  • With Studio Kemmers we are checking the final details of  ‘Puratos 100 years of Magic’. This book was supposed to go in print – in 4 languages – in March but all festivities are postponed until October and so is this book.


  • Doing research for Studio Kemmers into the number of family businesses we have in Belgium. It’s amazing to see how many great companies we have that are over 100 years old. They were resourceful enough to survive world wars and they will survive the current situation.


  • Home: teaching our son to read, and create lovely letters for his friends. Going to the beach to get fresh air – as long as we are allowed.


  • Reading: as the world stops spinning, finally time to read. 


  • Helping friends: we have dear friends who work in the hospitals, so I will cook meals for their children and help where I can while they are doing what they do to save lives.


  • ‘People will forget what you said, 
    people will forget what you did,
    but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ – Maya Angelou


Let’s keep our moods lifted and do what we can.

    Driven by personal development, entrepreneurship, design and humor.

    I love books, long walks and  listening to people, but only when meeting them face-to-face. A fear of calling keeps me away from the phone.


    Based in Bruges, and Antwerp
    I work on commissioned books for well-known companies as well as on self-initiated projects.


    My background in product design allows me to combine design with decisiveness and to guide these complex projects.